Tricity buzz: psychology student opens mental health café in Mohali



In order to break the stigma attached to mental health and encourage people to talk more about mental health issues, Chandigarh-based entrepreneur Angel D’Souza, 21, recently opened the first mental health cafe in the city, Your Sugar Daddy, in phase 2, Mohali.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Angel, who studies psychology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, conceptualized the idea of ​​providing a warm and welcoming space for clients to talk about health issues. mind over a cup of coffee.

Visitors receive mindfulness coloring sheets as part of art therapy in addition to color schemes, adapted from the Stroop effect, a personality test game, and a challenge game where a client talks to a client. another sitting on the table next to him.

When the leader of the AAP, Sisodia, made aam aadmi wait

Chandigarh’s aam aadmi patiently waited for Aam Aadmi party leader and deputy chief minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, at an AAP event at the CII building last week. “We were invited at 5 pm, but Sisodia arrived around 7 pm. Most of us have waited because we know the aam aadmi has to wait for the great leaders, ”said a local resident. The AAP invited residents from different backgrounds to make their contribution to the party’s manifesto for the municipal elections on December 24. For local journalists, who were asked to stay out of the room, the two-and-a-half-hour wait was unsuccessful as Sisodia did not respond to questions about the Chandigarh municipal elections.

Pressed to take credit, UT cops jump the fire

The credit war between the different wings of the Chandigarh police force emerged last week when a unit, based on “selective leakage”, arrested the suspect who shot at police in the industrial area, injuring a volunteer. home care. Pressed to take credit, the police team involved in the questioning of the suspect failed to adequately verify and identify the accused. His claims fell flat as the victim failed to identify the suspect and he was released following a habeas corpus order in the High Court. In the “selective leak”, the police even indicated that the detained suspect has two kidnappings against him and that the weapon used in the crime has been recovered.

Cop drives the nail on the patriarchal mindset

A cop stationed near the barricade at Elante Shopping Center stopped a car the other day to stop a young couple for not wearing masks. Realizing that they were newlyweds, he congratulated the couple and let them go but not without advice: “Sir, shaadi toh mubarak ho, lekin gaadi aap chalaaya karo (Congratulations on your wedding, but sir, you should drive the car and not madam). Patriarchy is certainly deeply rooted.

Sorry, no western culture, we are indians

During the inspection of Chandigarh station by the Chairman of the Passenger Services Committee (PSC), Ramesh Chandra Ratn, on Friday, a book seller was ordered to remove two magazines as they were “inappropriate and contrary to culture. Indian “. When some people objected, as both magazines are from reputable publications, Ratn said, “I am not against Western culture, but I have to watch out for materials that can corrupt the minds of young people.”

MC elections: three aces in the RWA round

As the Chandigarh (MC) municipal elections approach next month, the president of the Modern Housing Complex (MHC) Residents Welfare Association (RWA) made a video for voters about the three aces the RWAs and the people hold. . “Just like in a card game, whoever has three aces wins. No matter who you vote for, remember these three traits: the ability, availability and confidence of the candidate, ”said the president of RWA, adding to keep political affiliations aside and vote for them. candidates based on their performance.

Contributions by Hillary Victor, Munieshwer A Sagar, Shailee Dogra, Tanbir Dhaliwal and Rajanbir Singh



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