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Navigating New Frontiers: Trend Micro Cybersecurity Annual Report 2021

Trend Micro looks back at the top security issues that emerged in 2021, with insights and recommendations to help organizations strengthen their defenses. The digital migrations and transformations that had enabled organizations to continue operations amid the Covid-19 pandemic continued to usher in significant changes to the threat landscape in 2021.

US has ‘significant’ cyber vulnerabilities, but radical Russian cyberattack unlikely

Even as the Russian military drops bombs and mortar shells on civilians in hospitals and neighborhoods and its invasion of Ukraine nears its fourth week, no known nightmare computer scenario – widespread blackout, a poisoned water system, a paralyzed supply chain – never came to pass in Ukraine, the United States or anywhere else. The general consensus among the nearly 20 experts who spoke to CNN is that while Russia is well positioned to launch catastrophic cyberattacks against the United States, it is unlikely to do so.

New RURansom wiper targets Russia

Trend Micro analyzes RURansom, a discovered malware variant targeting Russia. Initially suspected to be ransomware due to its name, analysis reveals that RURansom is a windshield wiper due to its irreversible destruction of encrypted files.

Ukrainian secret service arrests hacker aiding Russian invaders

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) said it arrested a “hacker” who offered technical assistance to invading Russian troops by providing mobile communication services inside Ukrainian territory.

New Nokoyawa ransomware may be linked to Hive

In March 2022, Trend Micro uncovered evidence that another relatively unknown ransomware known as Nokoyawa is likely linked to Hive, as the two families share striking similarities in their attack chain, from tools used to order in which they perform various steps.

Russian Cyclops Blink botnet launches assault on Asus routers

The Cyclops Blink botnet is now targeting Asus routers in a new wave of cyberattacks. Cyclops Blink, a modular botnet, is believed to be the creation of Sandworm/Voodoo Bear, a Russian Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) group.

Will Russian oil ban spur increase in cyberattacks

President Biden banned the sale of Russian oil to the United States to deprive the Putin regime of the economic resources needed to wage war. But it could put American companies in the crosshairs of cyberattacks coming from the East.

New Destructive Erasure Component Ransomware Lokilocker Bundles

A new ransomware operation dubbed LokiLocker has been slowly gaining traction among cybercriminals since August, researchers warn. The malware uses a relatively rare code obfuscation technique and includes a file-wiping component that attackers could use against non-compliant victims.

Public Service Cybersecurity: How Cybersecurity Awareness Can Reduce Future Risks

The electric utility industry is one of the most critical infrastructure industries that highly affects people’s lives and economic activities. Power grids connect power generation, substation, transmission, and distribution systems over a wide area. They are modernizing and are threatened by attacks from nation states.

Facebook removes Ukrainian President Zelenskyy’s ‘deepfake’

Meta deleted a deepfake video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy posting a statement he never made, asking Ukrainians to “lay down their arms”. The deepfake appears to have first aired on a Ukrainian news site for TV24 after an alleged hack. The video shows a mounted Zelenskyy speaking from behind a podium declaring that Ukraine has “decided to return Donbass” to Russia and that his country’s war efforts have failed.

Oil and Gas Cybersecurity: Stop Cyberattacks of Critical Operations

Trend Micro has released a technical report on how the oil and gas industry can gain situational awareness in OT, IT and CT. The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in May 2021 had a huge impact on the industry. In February 2022, it was also reported that European oil facilities were hit by a cyberattack and forced to operate at limited capacity. These latest incidents suggest that the oil and gas supply process depends on IT systems, and that critical operations could be disrupted by IT downtime due to a cyberattack.

Cyclops Blink targets Asus routers

This report discusses the technical capabilities of this Cyclops Blink malware variant that targets ASUS routers and includes a list of over 150 current and historical command and control (C&C) servers from the Cyclops Blink botnet.

Close Watch: Trend Micro Specialized Cybersecurity Report for Latin America and the Caribbean

In collaboration with the OAS/CICTE Cybersecurity Program, we examine cybersecurity challenges affecting OAS member states. These issues include ransomware and active attacks, remote work threats, and risks brought about by the adoption of new technologies.

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