Trend Micro Incorporated: Security Risks with Private 5G in Manufacturing Companies Part. 1


The first element is user equipment (EU). This refers to smartphones and other devices with a SIM card. In the age of 5G, we can expect a wide range of user equipment to gain traction in addition to smartphones, such as factory equipment, automobiles, sensors, security cameras and more. other IoT devices. These devices communicate wirelessly with nearby base stations. A base station contains antennas, and all of these base stations together form the radio access network (RAN). The information obtained via the RAN is transmitted to the core network (CN). CN serves as the brain of the entire mobile network. This vital system manages user registration and movement, as well as data processing. These three elements work together organically so that users can communicate while they are on the move. This basic arrangement remains the same in the fifth generation of these systems, 5G. The basic system consists of the EU, RAN and CN.

Smartphones have grown in popularity, but there is little knowledge of CN and RAN and how they work, compared to the EU. Indeed, along with mobile phones and other public 5G personal services, CN and RAN are built and operated by telecommunications providers. This means that users can communicate without having to think about CN or other details. However, that is about to change dramatically with the advent of private 5G.

What are the security risks with private 5G?

As the name suggests, Private 5G refers to an independent 5G network used for specific purposes in a restricted area. The network can be flexibly designed and built to suit each use case, unlike 5G public networks from telecom providers. Private 5G networks are optimized at the microservice level, which is why individual businesses choose to implement telecommunications infrastructure in their IT environments. Telecom providers have traditionally done the work of building and operating core networks and wireless access networks, but with private 5G setups, private companies and local governments have to do the work themselves.


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