Tata Power data leaked on dark web after Hive ransomware attack


India’s largest integrated power company, Tata Power, which has been in business since 1915, has been hit by a ransomware attack staged by the Hive group.

The ransomware only works on Windows systems and the group has now released data it claims came from the attack on the dark web.

The company acknowledged the attack in a note to the National Stock Exchange of India on October 14.

“Tata Power Company Limited has suffered a cyberattack on its IT infrastructure, affecting some of its IT systems,” the letter said.

“The company has taken steps to recover and restore systems. All critical operational systems are functioning; however, as an abundant precaution, restricted access and preventative controls have been put in place for portals and customer touchpoints. employees and customers.

“The company will provide an update on the matter in the future.”

Hive Group claims to have encrypted data from Tata Power systems on October 3 and posted a link to emails, addresses, passports, phone numbers, payments, working hours, taxpayer information, contracts signed by TATA Power , NDA and other agreement documents on October 24.

According security company Trend Micro, Hive is a relatively new group that surfaced in June 2021. Unlike some ransomware groups that avoid attacking hospitals or other specific sectors, Hive shows no such inclination.

A hospital in Missouri suffered a Hive ransomware attack three weeks after the same group hit the embedded systems of a health care provider which affected three hospitals and numerous outpatient clinics in two other US states,” Trend Micro said.

iTWire has contacted Tata Power for comment. However, emails sent to the company’s primary media email address are bouncing.

A message in the forwarded email reads: “The Corporate Communications group only accepts messages from people in their organization or on their safe senders list, and your email address is not on the list. .”

However, an email to the company’s PR manager appears to have been forwarded and the email query was sent to two other people listed on his media contact page.


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