Tamil Nadu to have a special law against organized crime




The Tamil Nadu Control Of Organized Criminal Act, similar to the Maharashtra Control of Organized Crimes Act, 1999 (MCOCA), and the Karnataka Control of Organized Crimes Act, 2000, will be presented at the next session of the Assembly, a-t -it submitted, in the context of multiple judgments calling on the state government to formulate such a law that would give more bite to the state police and prevent the “goonda” elements from harming peace and tranquility of the state’s population.

On November 30, 2018, the High Court, as it heard a habeas corpus petition in a case relating to the pre-trial detention of a person involved in a rowdy gang clash, asked why Tamil Nadu should not offer a exclusive law. to fight organized crime.

“The present case showed how active gangs and paid killers are in Tamil Nadu, destroying the law and order situation in the state and creating panic in the minds of the common man in Tamil Nadu as well. than in other parts of the country, ”he said, adding that the clash between the gangs had resulted in the deaths of several people and undermined the tranquility and peace of the state.

Taking on political patronage towards the criminal elements, he said: “Even some of the deputies and deputies elected to the houses of democracy have criminal backgrounds and the goondas are associated with political parties, the police and community leaders. ”

The tribunal also expressed concern that Tamil Nadu was turning into a haven for terrorist elements, with the discovery of clusters of jihadist terrorist organizations.



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