Security Expert Launches Unified Cybersecurity Platform Challenges


As the country accelerates its digital transformation roadmap, it is also more important to strengthen the cyber readiness and resilience of Filipino businesses and organizations, especially those in the banking, government and healthcare sectors.

In a recent press briefing, Ian Felipe, country manager of Trend Micro Philippines, told reporters that these local organizations needed to act quickly as they were identified in Trend Micro’s 2021 Cybersecurity Annual Report as among the most vulnerable in the region.

As digitization provides opportunities for growth, Felipe said the risk also increases as attackers move into the cloud targeting DevOps tools and the pipeline.

“Data breaches, ransomware incidents and privacy issues affect businesses of all sizes across all industries, and with an increasingly digitally connected world, the need to improve cyber resilience has become a challenge. major challenge for businesses in the country,” Felipe explained.

He also pointed out that businesses and organizations should be aware of the growing ransomware threats in the country. According to Trend Micro’s 2021 Annual Cybersecurity Report, the Philippines will be a prime target as cybercriminals see more and more opportunities. The report showed that the Philippines was ranked 4th in Southeast Asia for most ransomware attacks for 2022-2021, up two notches from ranking 6th in 2020.

In response to the growing cybersecurity challenges in the country, Trend Micro recently launched Trend Micro One, a new unified cybersecurity and attack surface management platform.

Felipe said the introduction of Trend Micro One is a major step towards consolidating a host of security products and features onto a single platform, enabling customers to better understand, communicate and mitigate cyber risks. .

“Trend Micro One enables businesses to quickly prepare for, resist and recover from threats from all touchpoints, while providing end-to-end solutions for cloud platforms, email, network and other enterprise IoT environments. The cloud-based solution provides a continuous lifecycle of comprehensive risk and threat assessment with attack discovery, cyber risk analysis, threat mitigation and response,” Felipe emphasized.

“Trend Micro One is the culmination of 30 years of cybersecurity experience and innovation. It is a platform developed by cybersecurity professionals for cybersecurity professionals, so organizations can be the most resilient,” he added.

Felipe highlighted the entry that the unified approach is intended to strengthen the landscape of cyber readiness and resilience of stretched security teams and siled security products in the Philippines.

“Trend Micro One is designed to help organizations discover the ever-changing attack surface, assess and prioritize the most pressing risks and vulnerabilities, and then mitigate them. It functions as a security platform and an extended security team, so that business leaders in the Philippines can focus on moving their business forward,” he said.

The unified security platform also includes expert services such as Managed Extended Detection & Response (XDR) which promises better visibility, 24/7 monitoring and enhanced threat detection and response.

Within a single platform, Trend Micro One will enable customers to:

  • Discover the attack surface: identify, monitor and profile cyber assets in customer environments;
  • Continuously understand and assess risk: Analyze risk exposure, vulnerability status, security control configuration, and types of threat activity;
  • Effectively mitigate risk: Ensure the right preventive controls and take quick action to mitigate risk and remediate attacks across the enterprise by leveraging Trend Micro threat and risk intelligence.

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