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After months of social distancing, the Alberta RCMP understand that Albertans treasure #UnwrappingMoments with their friends and family, now more than ever.

#UnwrappingMoments can be a gift under a tree, a card sending you year-end greetings, or even a letter from a loved one from a distance – anything that makes you smile and warms your heart.

Practicing good mail security can help prevent these sweet memories from being stolen.

Although it’s giveaway season, scammers are selfish and we know there is nothing more heartbreaking than having your greeting cards and packages stolen in the mail.

By following some of our general rules, we can all work to keep cranky people away:

· If you’re not home during the holiday season to pick up your packages, arrange for mail to be delivered to an alternate pickup location or have a friend pick it up.

· Consider installing video cameras to deter thieves from taking what is not theirs.

· No one chooses to “tie up” thieves. Let them feel even more “torn”. If you are shipping an expensive item by mail, make sure there are tracking codes and know when it will arrive so you can be home to accept the delivery.

· If you “stock up” on holiday gifts through online shopping and won’t be home, have the items delivered to your local post office to keep them safe until you can. get them.

· Avoid having your personal information “ripped off”. If you receive any items that contain sensitive or financial information, we encourage you to have them delivered to your nearest post office for detention until it is safe for you to obtain them.

· Don’t be imperfect when it comes to protecting holiday mail. We recommend that you never send money by post.

· It’s a bright ‘happy’ idea to send gifts in brown or opaque wrapping, instead of holiday-themed gift wrapping, so it’s less obvious than what’s inside can be valuable gifts.

· Plan to be home when packages are supposed to arrive.

· Check your mail daily to prevent sweet memories from being stolen.

· Track your shipments, and if possible, opt for delivery with signature.

This holiday season, whether you’re ordering takeout items in pretty bags and boxes, or receiving a package from overseas, we want you to keep your special deliveries safe so you can continue #UnwrappingMoments with your relatives.

Happy Holidays from the Alberta RCMP.



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