Punjab: Preserving CCTV Footage of May 6: Punjab Government Advocacy to HC | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: In the case of Friday’s “arrest and release” of Delhi BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagg by Punjab Police, the Punjab government on Saturday filed a petition in the High Court of Punjab and Haryana asking for instructions to preserve May 6 CCTV. footage from Janakpuri Police Station in Delhi and Sadar Police Station in Kurukshetra and to implicate Delhi Police Commissioner as a party in the case.
The Punjab government, in its petition, said: “Punjab Police officers were unlawfully detained at Janakpuri Police Station in New Delhi and Sadar Kurukshetra Police Station. For the correct decision in the present case, the CCTV images dated May 6, 2022 of these two police stations must be produced and preserved. ”
The HC, however, adjourned the hearing of the case for May 10, while a motion already filed by Bagga against his involvement in the FIR is pending for him to ring. With this, Bagga’s plea for the nullification of Mohali’s FIR and the state’s habeas corpus plea were bludgeoned for rehearing.
The case had been brought to the HC following a habeas corpus petition filed by Punjab Police alleging unlawful detention of Punjab Police officers by Haryana Police and Delhi Police when they had lawfully arrested Bagga in connection with a case registered in Mohali.

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