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CHANDIGARH: Hearing a case of removal of a child abroad, the high court of Punjab and Haryana asked the police commissioner of Sonipat (SP) to present a minor child in front of him by videoconference on Tuesday and to ensure that the minor is not removed from the neighborhood boundaries.
Interestingly, in this case the mother of the child, currently in the UK, claimed that the child was living with her in the UK. However, it was only during a video call that the child’s father noticed that the boy was sleeping most of the time (as he called him according to UK schedules) and, upon investigation, discovered that his son had been left by his wife. parents’ house in Sonipat.
Concerned about the safety of his son, the man filed a habeas corpus petition before the High Court of Punjab and Haryana against the illegal detention of his minor son in the care of his in-laws in Sonipat.
“In view of the foregoing, SP Sonipat is asked to immediately delegate a senior police official to visit the residence of respondent no. 5 and 6 (father-in-law and brother-in-law) in Sonipat, locate the comings and goings of the respondent. son of the applicant, and ensure that he is in police custody. The passport of the minor boy is taken in possession and kept in a safe place. The relevant police official would also ensure that the child is presented to court at the next hearing date by videoconference, ”ordered the HC while setting the case for September 28 for the hearing.
Judge HS Sidhu adopted the orders during the hearing of a petition filed by Sandeep Chugh, a resident of Jind.
In this case, the couple married in November 2010 and had two children, a daughter (10 years old) and a son (two and a half years) together. Initially, the couple lived in London for a long time but returned to India to babysit their children. They had started living in Noida.
The wife left the house without informing the petitioner
Due to the marital discord between the couple, the wife left the marital home in March 2020 without informing the applicant, then abroad. Since then, the couple have had a bitter relationship and some complaints and cases have been filed regarding marital disputes with the police and the courts. The woman stayed with her parents in Sonipat.
According to the petitioner, in May 2021 his wife left for the UK and when he learned of this he had filed an online application with the Family Division of the High Court in London for an order. of inherent jurisdiction over minor children seeking redress for summary return of children to India, locate and passport orders and a range of other child welfare orders. In this regard, the wife appeared in London court through VC and stated that she removed the children from India without the knowledge or consent of the petitioner because she did not know not where he was.
By its order of July 26, the Family Division of the High Court of London ordered the wife to make the children available to spend time with the applicant by video and / or phone calls every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6 hours. pm GMT. Lawyer Anil Malhotra, counsel for the petitioner, told the HC that the petitioner’s two-and-a-half-year-old son is currently in the illegal custody of the petitioner’s in-laws and that the wife has moved to the UK on leaving behind. The applicant fears that his son will be moved to an undisclosed destination abroad or any other place beyond the jurisdiction of this tribunal, the lawyer told the HC.

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