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The GCC has witnessed over 62 million (62,325,775) email threats, over 155,000 (155,516) URL-hosted attacks in the first half of the year.

Posted: Sun, Nov 21, 2021, 1:15 PM

Cybersecurity continues to evolve as a top priority for businesses around the world and the region as the best security solutions see the demand to protect data at home, at work or on the go, says Bilal Baig, Mena CTO, Trend Micro.

“The main challenge for businesses was the concept of working from home and the majority of the workplace was not used to these new models of work that we see today. For us, the change in cybersecurity was about maintaining quality and function while being mobile, ”said Baig.

“No matter where we worked, we always had to protect these organizations through their digital transformations. As a result, the employees of these organizations were not prepared to do their jobs outside of the office. And when the transition began, it opened up many other vulnerabilities to cyber threats. This transformation phase was clearly accelerated, and they had to adapt quickly to remain protected, ”he added.

Trend Micro recently released its Midyear Security Roundup for the first half of 2021, which highlights the changing threat landscape and the need to ensure a strong cybersecurity position in the region.

According to the summary report, the GCC has witnessed over 62 million (62,325,775) email threats, over 155,000 (155,516) URL-hosted attacks, with over 28 million (28,430,724 ) URL victims, over 7 million (7,293,662) malware detections, and 2,133 more. banking malware detections.

At the 41st Gitex Technology Week, Trend Micro showcased several leading security solutions to help organizations protect their digital infrastructure in the ever-changing threat landscape.

“At Gitex, cybersecurity has remained a hot topic and for Trend Micro, it’s an exciting time to excel in our field because of our commitment to protecting organizations across the region,” said Baig.

“Our robust, multi-layered cybersecurity solutions, with respect to XDR and others, have been the basis of our success during this difficult transition period. “

The company recently hosted CLOUDSEC2021, the world’s leading cloud and cybersecurity conference on the theme of “Reimagine Your Cloud” which featured five learning paths to deepen the technologies discussed at the event.

The learning paths are SOC, Infrastructure-as-code, DevOps, Zero Trust, and Threat Intel. Speakers from Trend Micro and various organizations shared best practices and tips for approaching security differently. [email protected]



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