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The legal defense of President of the Republic Pedro Castillo filed a habeas corpus motion to declare void the agreement of Parliament’s Sub-Committee on Constitutional Charges which admitted a constitutional complaint against the Head of State for alleged treason against the country.

The habeas corpus petition was filed by Mr. Castillo’s lawyer, Eduardo Pashas, ​​alleging a violation of the right to personal liberty, due process and effective procedural protection in Parliament.

Likewise, the applicant also alleged violation of the principle of legality and inapplicability by analogy of criminal law, as well as violation of the presumption of innocence and freedom of conscience.

The habeas corpus seeks to declare void the aforementioned subcommittee agreement, reached on February 28, which admitted the constitutional complaint of alleged treason against the country.

In addition, the need to compile the final file of the complaint for violation of legality was also raised.

On February 28, the Constitutional Charges Subcommittee declared valid a constitutional complaint against President Castillo, approving – by a majority – the qualification report presented by a group of lawyers and legislator Norma Yarrow (Avanza Pais).

In total, the report was approved by nine votes in favor and eight against.

With the votes tied, Subcommittee Chair Rosio Torres (APP) used her casting vote and voted in favor of the report.


Posted: 03/13/2022


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