Law Students Seminar Bingo Card Goes Viral


Habeas corpus‘✅

Image credit: @MJSteilen (Twitter)

A law professor has gone viral on social media after finding out how his students spend time during his seminars.

Matthew Steilen, a constitutional law scholar at the University of Buffalo, New York, posted on Twitter an image of a bingo card produced by some of his most creative students.

The game, “Professor Matthew Steilen’s New Brain Intelligence Growth Operator,” features a colorful photo of the man himself surrounded by 24 words and phrases.

Examples include legalisms “Habeas corpus“And” Confrontation clause “as well as more colorful entries such as” Shit “and” Saint. Shit. “And who said constitutional law was boring?

The winner, according to the rules, is the student who completes a row, diagonal or column, and shouts “bingo” when Steilen calls him to answer a question.

The teacher’s post performed well on Twitter, racking up over 5,500 retweets and nearly 100,000 likes.

It went well with Steilen too. “I found out that the students had a bingo card for my seminar,” he wrote. “I have never been so happy.”

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