Judgments: Sep 27 to Oct 1, 2021 | Public record


Cases closed September 27 to October 1 by the Gregg County Civil Court. Cases that end with an “A” have been reviewed by the 188th District Court; “B” in the 124th District Court; and “CCL2” in County Court to Law 2:

2020-613-B Guillermo Arreola, et al. v. Christopher Darden, et al., Auto bodily injury / injury, case dismissed by plaintiff

2021-1459-B Texas Bank and Trust Company v. David McDonald and Lynda Jo McDonald, breach of contract, default judgment

2021-1505-B JG Wentworth Originations LLC v. name redacted, transfer settlement payment fee approval, case rejected by applicant

2376-H Ex parte v. Quinntevin Geovon Riley Jones, writ of habeas corpus, all other provisions

2019-340-A American Express National Bank v. Clive D. Ferebee, breach of contract, case dismissed by plaintiff

2019-2259-A Donald Weber, et al. v. Longview III Enterprises LLC, doing business as Whispering Pines Lodge and Creative Solutions in Healthcare Inc., damages, case dismissed by plaintiff

2020-38-A David Bouknight v. Elizabeth Anne Thomas, bodily injury / automobile damage, case dismissed by plaintiff

2020-1443-A Grady Crawford Construction Co. Inc. v. H&M Underground Construction LLC, breach of contract, final judgment after trial without jury

2021-177-A Discover Bank v. Mai Martin, breach of contract, case dismissed by the plaintiff

2021-713-A State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company as subrogate of Brent Giddens c. Genice Jones, bodily injury / auto damage, case dismissed by plaintiff

2021-1366-A Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC. vs. Mary Nell Dunn, lien foreclosure, default judgment

2021-1501-A PC Stoneridge LLC, et al. v. Gregg Appraisal District, lawsuit to correct tax assessment, case dismissed by plaintiff

2018-2125-CCL2 Gretchen Garey v. Barry Lynn Cline, Auto Personal Injury / Injury, Claimant Dismissed

2020-376-CCL2 HSBC Bank USA NA, et al. vs. heirs unknown in law of Ruth E. Davis, et al., breach of contract, case dismissed by plaintiff

2021-167-CCL2 Linda Bryant v. Gary Andrews Insurance Brokerage PPLC, Agreement, Claimant Dismissed

2021-263-CCL2 Melissa R. Azzam v. Lanakeisha D. Williams, bodily injury / auto damage, final judgments on jury verdict

2021-774-CCL2 Goldman Sachs Bank USA v. Terrence Kelley, breach of contract, agreed judgment

2021-1222-CCL2 Bank of America NA v. James G. Johnson, breach of contract, agreed judgment

2021-1319-CCL2 Treviso Transitional Care c. Hayse Reneau, breach of contract, case dismissed by plaintiff

2021-1481-CCL2 Basa Resources Inc. v. M&M Oilfield Services Inc., et al., Injunction, joint judgment

2021-1765-CCL2 Texas Department of Public Safety v. Jason Lee Melton, professional license, other provisions

021347-CCL2 Sabine ISD, Gregg County, Kilgore College, Gregg County Emergency Services District No. 2 v. Patrick Ingram, et al., Tax, case dismissed by claimant

022053-CCL2 Pine Tree ISD c. Marcos Ramon et al., Taxation, case rejected by the applicant


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