Judging: February 14-18, 2022 | Public record


Cases settled Feb. 14-18 in Gregg County Civil Court. Cases that end with an “A” were heard by the 188th District Court; “B” in the 124th District Court; and “CCL2” in Law 2 County Court:

2019-52-B Ruben Martinez v. Anthony Charles Jones, personal injury/damage, case dismissed by plaintiff

2021-257-B Discover Bank c. Marcos Cadenas, breach of contract, case dismissed for lack of prosecution

2021-1894-A Discover Bank c. Kimberly Rochelle Eubanks, Breach of Contract, Default Judgment

2021-1982-A Offices Investment Group Portfolio No. 15 LLC c. Brian K. Thompson, breach of contract, consent judgment

2021-2126-A In Re: Peachtree Settlement Funding, Settlement Payment Rights Transfer Approval, Case Dismissed by Plaintiff

2421-H State of Texas v. Gray Hays, habeas corpus, final judgment after trial without jury

2018-1492-CCL2 Stephanie Myers c. Manu Sohal and Manmohan Singh, personal injury/damage, case dismissed by plaintiff

2021-1087-CCL2 Discover Bank c. Michele L. Gilbreath, Breach of Contract, Default Judgment

2021-1958-CCL2 National Bank American Express c. Todd McGuire, breach of contract, default judgment

2022-48-CCL2 Eastman Credit Union c. Lindsey Dee Melson and Samuel Brooks Melson, Breach of Contract, Case Dismissed by Plaintiff

2022-90-CCL2 Jessica King v. Metalogic Inspection Services LLC, Deceptive Marketing Practices Lawsuit and Damages, Default Judgment


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