Jamaica: Court orders sisters not to leave Jamaica | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat High Court on Wednesday ordered the two sisters, who left the Nithyananda Ashram on the East Delhi Public School campus in 2019 and later fled the country, to stay in Jamaica.
He ordered the authorities to make arrangements to take them to the Indian Consulate in Jamaica to present them in court via video link, said the petitioner’s lawyer, Pritesh Shah.
The girls’ father had filed a habeas corpus petition seeking custody, alleging that they had left the country under Nithyananda’s influence and were not ready to return.
On the other hand, the girls had informed the court that they were afraid of their father.
The high court had ordered them to appear in court through the Indian Embassy in Jamaica, but the girls insisted that they appear in court through the United Nations Indian Standing Commission At New York. They cited security concerns for not going to the Indian Embassy. However, the Center expressed apprehension about the girls moving to the United States and told the court it would be a cumbersome process.
The court was also told that there was no extradition treaty with Jamaica, but that it would take eight weeks to complete the procedure to bring them to the consulate to record their evidence. The court issued a new hearing into the case on April 7 and ordered the girls not to leave Jamaica until then.

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