“I nodded and said: ‘yes, I had that'”



A group of MSP experts distinguished CRN compilation of the 21 most brutal burns from our recent vendor report for discussion in their latest podcast.

Posted last month, our article urged readers to match some of the wildest sound clips from the 2021 iteration of the report with the right provider, with one MSP respondent commenting that “it’s easier to talk to God than it is. to my account manager “(for balance, some of the more complimentary reviews can be seen here).

This caught the attention of MSP group The Tech Tribe, who used the article to stimulate discussion about the supplier-partner relationship in their latest podcast “Behind the Geeks”.

“Each” of the 21 burns ring true for Pete Matteson, a former owner of MSP who is now a business coach and content creator.

“I see a lot of [comments] where I nod my head and say “yes I had this, yes I had this …” “he said.

“It’s the reaction of the salespeople that is the main thing for me. If they have the best intentions, so much the better. Promote a salesperson. [mentioned], ConnectWise has gone through huge changes over the past few years, but every time I talk to people there they are doing the best they can. “

The CRN Vendor Report 2021 saw 335 UK and MSP reseller executives assess up to five of their top 10 suppliers in four main categories. We also invited them to leave anonymous and unrestricted written comments, and they duly submitted over 4,000 meaningful comments. While some vendors have been praised for their knowledgeable and knowledgeable staff, cutting edge technology, and generous and easily accessible programs and programs, others have been overlooked. One of them compared the staff of one of their salespeople to “vultures”.

Essential CRN subscribers can read a summary of the report here.

“I live and breathe Microsoft, but they don’t know my name”

Scott Riley, founder of partner Microsoft Cloud Nexus, told the podcast that MSPs should be realistic about the level of service they can expect from a vendor if they aren’t among their top spending partners.

“My main supplier [Microsoft] don’t care about me because I don’t spend enough, ”he said.

“They need to focus on who spends the most money on them and their products, and who is pushing [their products] above all else. I’d like to think that in my previous roles we were a big deal with Microsoft in the UK, but in my current role we just aren’t. So I can understand when they [the partners quoted in the CRN article] say “hey, I can’t seem to reach a product manager; they only care about me when I have a sale ”. Yes, probably because you are not spending enough on them. And it’s from a guy who’s going to quit, breathe, and die Microsoft, but they don’t know my name. “

Tech Tribe founder Nigel Moore agreed that MSPs should give their suppliers a bit of slack if they act in good faith.

“Every salesperson is going to break things, but it’s [about] how the supplier reacts and how they treat you throughout this process. Every vendor you deal with is going to have something wrong, just like we will get the MSPs wrong. Some PSMs need to take a look at what they bring to this relationship and adjust their expectations, ”he said.

How to become the preferred partner of your suppliers

Richard Tubb, who is a blogger, speaker, and author – and former MSP boss – urged MSPs who feel they aren’t getting enough attention from their vendors to be proactive.

“What we did as a very small MSP back then was actually ask our account manager ‘how can we become your favorite partner’? We asked the account managers’ about what are YOU bonus? the responses we received surprised us. It was not all licenses. We worked with Trend Micro and our account manager told us she was paid on the amount of [our] certified engineers. We said “we can help you – we’re committed to getting all of our engineers certified, and every user group we go to, we’ll tell them how awesome Trend Micro is.” Suddenly we started to collect a bunch of leads. You have to think about the human approach. We took the exact same approach with Microsoft and ended up being one of the first MSPs in the UK to deploy Windows 7, a year ahead of everyone else. “



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