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Editor’s Choice I-Connect007: Five Must-Reads of the Week

Like many of you, for the past few months we have been busier than a farmer with two rattlesnakes and a shovel. As soon as we got back from IPC APEX EXPO 2022, we started working on our post-show release, real time withIPC APEX EXPO 2022 Show & Tell Magazine. Now in its fifth year, show and tell is the best and most comprehensive source of detailed information on IPC APEX EXPO.

We published show and tell this week, and the response from industry leaders has been outstanding. show and tell gives the reader a taste of what it was like to be at the show, from the grand opening and keynote speeches to the final lectures of the conference. If you haven’t read show and tell yet, check it out.

Show & Tell IPC APEX EXPO 2022 Magazine Now Available
Posted on February 24

This week we welcomed our new baby into the world. And Real time with… IPC APEX EXPO 2022 Show & Tell Magazine is a large; Don’t get me started on labor pains! We bring you 184 pages of San Diego coverage, featuring interviews with executives and engineers, managers and machine operators, and young and old. If you did not attend IPC APEX EXPO 2022, check Show and Tell Magazine and find out how the industry celebrated what was, for many, the first trade show in two years.

AltiumLive 2022: Power and Signal Integrity — Return to Sender
Posted on February 23

Which came first: the hen from the egg? In this interview, Heidi Barnes and Stephen Slater of Keysight Technologies ask a similar question. Which came first: signal integrity or power integrity? The two engineers discuss their AltiumLive presentations, now available online, which offer tips and techniques for avoiding SI and PI issues in the future, and why a clear return path is paramount to successful high-speed design.

Real time with… IPC APEX EXPO 2022: the challenges of deadlines
Posted on February 22

One of the hottest topics at IPC APEX EXPO was supply chain. It was inspiring to see how so many electronics companies have figured out how to get around the 50-week lead time problem. In this interview, Manncorp’s Ed Stone and guest editor Kelly Dack discuss Manncorp’s various supply chain strategies, including insourcing production.

Fein-Lines: This is how the technology will unfold in 2022
Posted on February 21

Much of our industry revolves around the demands of the consumer electronics segment, and our columnist Dan Feinberg is also our go-to person for consumer electronics news. In his latest column, Dan shares his predictions and recommendations for consumer electronics through the rest of 2022, including some advice on the new Windows 11.

Alex Stepinski: Taking control of input costs
Posted on February 23

Many people associate Alex Stephinski with blank sites because of his clever factory efforts over the past few years. But he has a thing or two to share with the industry about tightening input costs on your brownfield as well. In the February issue of PCB007 Charger, Alex explains some strategies for getting the most out of your existing setup. Spoiler alert: There’s no silver bullet here. Extracting value from your current setup is a slow, methodical, step-by-step process.


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