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Modern security organizations are tasked with combating attacks in real time, proactively preventing security breaches. Although current security protections are not sufficient, they ensure that the physical and digital integrity of the company and its affiliates is not compromised while hoping to achieve more.

The majority of security managers aspire to this degree of security maturity by implementing several cutting-edge and next-generation information security technologies. Within these organizations, however, employees work in silos, using various tools and practices that limit the visibility of threats from start to finish.

CyberQ Group, powered by Cyware, hosted a conversation about collective defense and how it enables organizations to stay ahead of developing threats and better defend networks by facilitating real-time sharing and collaboration between industries and sectors. CyberQ Group is a leading global cyber intelligence, strategy and operational capabilities company.

This collaborative cybersecurity strategy is achieved through collective defense by coordinating threat response and information sharing between internal and external organizations, as well as industries.

According to Roberto Tayag, CEO of CyberQ Group, IT executives and industry players have continuously challenged cybersecurity and data security over the years, and it has evolved with a high level of scrutiny. CyberQ Group’s cybersecurity services, such as Cyber ​​Fusion Service, have been specifically designed to defend an organization’s cloud infrastructure. The company’s cyber structure makes it easy to bring cyber expertise and services into any organization as needed. Every business follows a unique path, and each needs a cyber partner who can not only defend them now, but grow with them in the future.

“The Cyber ​​Fusion service will disrupt the market. Companies find it difficult to hire security professionals because there is still a consensus that there aren’t really that many security professionals out there. So for Filipinos, we are competing with the rest of the world, exporting cybersecurity skills. It’s not that it’s not easy to remember, but rather companies struggle with one, monitoring what’s going on within their organizations. And the next is the answer. Like being able to perform a response to mitigate attacks. With our service, it will be much easier and more profitable for companies to be able to monitor what is happening and be able to react. And with many attacks going on, with the threat intelligence discussion, there’s a much greater need right now to have a threat intelligence capability. We are on the verge of bringing this threat intelligence capability to market,” Tayag added.

Tayag has worked in cybersecurity for over 18 years. With a background in malware behavior and analysis, reverse engineering, security monitoring and incident response, he has helped organizations build their security capability for nearly half of his career. He has worked both locally and overseas. He has worked for companies like Trend Micro, IBM Security, Macquarie Group and Verizon. He is now the Managing Director of APAC for the CyberQ Group.

CyberQ Group specializes in Cyber ​​Fusion technology, which combines all security functions (such as threat intelligence, security automation and incident response) into a single connected unit to detect, manage and respond to attacks.

Cyber ​​Fusion Service provides a more proactive and unified strategy to deal with potential threats by bringing together diverse teams for a more collaborative system.

It’s more than just bringing teams together. CyberQ Group can engage with organizations to find out how they operate, what their needs are, and provide advice and security recommendations using this system.

Cyber ​​Fusion, in general, combines several activities into a single functional area. Threat intelligence, analysis, threat detection, incident response, governance and compliance, and threat hunting are all important elements of a cyber fusion.

Gary Tate, Vice President for Asia-Pacific and Japan, Cyware and Shilu Pushpan, Head of ASEAN, Cyware, joined Tayag at the Cyber ​​Fusion launch held in Ortigas on May 18 2022.

CyberQ Group and Cyware work hand in hand to deliver the Cyber ​​Fusion service through accelerated research, threat intelligence, and automated response. CyberQ Group’s Cyber ​​Fusion service will help streamline business and security by integrating its key features, making it resilient to online dangers in the process. With this newly enhanced service, the cybersecurity team can perform a response on behalf of the customer using reliable machine-to-machine integration. With its integrated structure, customers can spend less on quality security. And with a team of experts on the ground, businesses can experience a system that’s easy to apply and execute.

Cyware unifies previously siled security operations, enabling organizations to more effectively share threat data and collaborate on threat response within their security functions as well as with other organizations on their network.




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