Court reviews habeas corpus granted to former vice president


The hearing is scheduled in the province of Santa Elena, where he obtained the appeal on April 10.

The hearing will bring together representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Service for Integral Attention to Adults Deprived of Liberty (SNAI), as well as 33 people who have filed amicus curiae appeals, including lawyer Alembet Vera.

“Amicus in favor of Jorge Glas, politically persecuted and victim of the Ecuadorian judicial and penitentiary system that does not guarantee the right to a fair trial, personal integrity, health or life. We are all victims when an innocent person is imprisoned”, warned the lawyer on the social network Twitter.

On the other hand, the German Embassy in Ecuador has requested virtual access to the hearing, given that the former vice president has the nationality of this European country.

Glas was sentenced to prison for the Odebrecht and Corruption cases in 2017 after trials characterized by irregularities exposed by his defense team, since the sentences applied through a repealed penal code.

The lawsuits against him were criticized inside and outside Ecuador and resulted in a network of support for the former vice president.

According to reports, during this day, Glas’ lawyers will also seek a reduced sentence on the merits.



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