Chandigarh family allege illegal detention of youth by police


A Chandigarh family alleged the unlawful detention and torture in detention of a 23-year-old, who was allegedly arrested for questioning in connection with an armed robbery in Area 28. Police have denied the allegations. .

Hours after the family, who reside in Sector 29, filed a habeas corpus petition in the high court of Punjab and Haryana on Friday, the youth returned home.

In the petition presented by Sunita Rani, through her lawyer Padamkant Dwivedi, she requested the production of her son, Nitin, who she said was picked up by CIA personnel, Sector 26, in front of his fiancee. of the sector’s market. November 29 around 8 p.m. on November 24.

Sunita alleged that the uniformed cops repeatedly slapped Nitin in the face and then hid him in a police vehicle. According to the petition, the male police officers also slapped Nitin’s fiancee when she tried to intervene.

The petitioner alleged that when she and another member of her family went to the police station in Sector 26, the cops claimed that Nitin had been detained for an investigation and that he would return home in the morning. “Instead, around 10 to 12 police officers entered and searched our house the next morning. The police also checked the images of the CCTV cameras installed in the house next to our car parked outside and took away her keys, ”said the mother.

After Nitin returned home on Friday afternoon, the family alleged he was limping and had signs of injuries on his body. “He was pressured into confessing to the armed robbery,” Sunita said in a telephone conversation.

Police deny, HC asks for affidavits

Earlier, additional prosecutor Parampreet Singh Paul told the High Court (HC) on Friday that “Nitin has never been unlawfully detained, nor confined to any of the police stations under the jurisdiction of Chandigarh”.

The SC requested agents from Sector 26 and Industrial Zone station to submit affidavits in this regard within one week. The court also ordered the two SHOs to take over production of Nitin in court on November 30.

Police Commissioner (SP, Operations) Ketan Bansal said: “We interviewed a few young people but no one was detained by the operational cell.

Police interviewed drug addicts, historians and other suspects in connection with the armed loot near the Mango orchard in Sector 28 on November 18. The person who carried out the robbery is suspected of shooting a volunteer from the house guards on November 23.

Police sources familiar with the investigation claim that half a dozen young people were rounded up by different teams for questioning. All were reportedly released on Friday after the victim of the theft failed to identify them.

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