Brazil: Bolsonaro’s word is worth gold


From Rio de Janeiro

Sequence of the only promise of the 2018 presidential campaign that he rigorously keeps, the far right Jair Bolsonaro record another observation. The promise in question was to destroy the country that existed before building a new Brazil.

illegal mining

To the south of the Amazonian province of Pará, there is a Kayapó Indigenous Reserve. Well now it’s been found that absolutely illegally mined gold by miners acting under the protection, if not the encouragement, of the national government has fueled the production of one of the main European leaders in precious metals, the Italian Tuscan metallurgical chemistry. The company’s specialization is divided between the manufacture of jewelry, such as wedding rings and rings, and gold bars to integrate treasures housed in large Swiss, British or North American banks.

Mined gold was found to be “legalized” through fraudulent methods under the closed eye of control mechanisms disabled or weakened by the current government. The institution in charge of monitoring, the National Mining Agency (ANM)has never had so little cash and the number of active employees has been reduced to a minimum.


The research carried out by the Brazilian Federal Police (Photo), over which Bolsonaro could not gain absolute control, came to blame for the purchase of illegal gold and its fraudulent export to Italy. In October twelve people involved in the fraud have been arrested. After three months, they were all released by habeas corpus obtained from the courts of first instance.

The Italian company, in turn, argues that the gold purchases it makes meet the requirement to identify its origin. Maybe you forgot to mention a small detail: under Bolsonaro, the seller declares the origin without having to prove anything. The company also admits that the purchase of gold mined in “risk areas” entails as one of the consequences the danger of acquiring minerals without legal origin. And he stresses that Brazil is, in all circumstances, a “high risk zone”. It’s only a ton of illegal gold, the Italians say, pointing out that it’s a tiny amount compared to the total it acquires in various parts of the world.

These purchases took place between September 2015 and September 2020, but mainly from the second quarter of 2019, already with Bolsonaro in the presidency. The principal responsible for the purchase and export of illegal gold is known. is about Mauro Dogi, who was already employed in Italy, his native country, by the same group for which the Brazilian ore was sent. Stay free and take action.


And Bolsonaro sees this whole pattern as something absolutely natural. In the end, what interests him is the gold and the electoral support of the miners who act in the most absolute illegality. The Kayapó Indians, whose lands are completely illegally invaded? There they.

This is, after all, just one example – a small example – of how illegal mining is spreading across the Amazon region, which in the far right’s three years in the presidency has seen its destruction increase by 56%.


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