Bolsonaro clan ally judge frees planes suspected of mining operations


Federal second-instance judge Maria do Carmo Cardoso, who is close to the Bolsonaro family, freed resources and planes from a group suspected of working in illegal gold mining on indigenous Yanomami land, the largest from Brazil.

The assets had been removed by decision of the Federal Court of Roraima, on the basis of investigations by the Federal Police and the MPF (Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office).

The entrepreneurs who obtained the favorable decision of the judge are accused of being part of a criminal organization for the illegal exploitation of gold, environmental crimes and money laundering.

Three ongoing Federal Court proceedings resulted in the seizure of assets, including nine aircraft, determined by a trial judge.

An operation by the ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency) and PF in the premises of one of the companies investigated, on August 26, had already led to the apprehension of nine helicopters. It is suspected that the plane is providing logistical support for mining in Yanomami land.

The looting of gold in the region has exploded since the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro (PL) as President of the Republic. The president defends mining on indigenous lands and does not oppose illegal mining.

Indigenous associations estimate that 19,000 miners are on Yanomami lands, their permanence being guaranteed by the owners of rafts, dredges, “tatuzes” and planes.

Judge Maria do Carmo, who works at TRF-1 (Federal Regional Court of the 1st Region), in Brasilia, accepted a habeas corpus filed by the defense of businessman Rodrigo Martins de Mello and granted him a safe-conduct as well as a second respondent.

The salvo-conduct would prevent the arrests of those investigated, which were requested during the investigations, but were ultimately refused by the Federal Court in Roraima. Searches, seizures and seizures of property and valuables were authorized in the first place.

Maria do Carmo, in the injunction granted on December 14, determined the release of 50% of the assets and assets seized, “so that they can continue their financial activities”.

The judge is a friend of Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (PL-RJ), his son of the president, and was decisive for the appointment of Nunes Marques to the STF (Supreme Court).

Called “Aunt Carminha” by the Bolsonaro family, she acts as a sort of family legal advisor.

“The demonstration of the risk of serious damage or difficult repair has not been proven, since the documentary content demonstrates the legal permits and environmental requirements for the professional practice of mining and aviation in the region,” said the judge in the decision which released the assets to the investigated group.

According to the magistrate, “there are elements on a possible illegality in the chain of evidence”.

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The Federal Court of Roraima ordered the seizure of the securities, financial assets and property of the company Cataratas Poços Artesianos and Rodrigo Martins de Mello and Celso Rodrigo de Mello; the hijacking of three planes and the unavailability of six others; and the suspension of all economic and commercial activity carried out by the respondent.

In Rodrigo’s case, the blocking of amounts should be 3.3 million reais. De Celso, 75 BRL, 7,000.

On September 19, Folha4026 showed in a report that the Bolsonaro government had paid R $ 75 million to companies using helicopters suspected of securing the logistics of illegal mining on indigenous lands in the Amazon.

A The largest portion of payments is made by the Department of Health for Aboriginal health purposes. Aircraft suspected of operating in illegal mines are also carrying locals and health professionals.

The ANAC action in Boa Vista, which resulted in the seizure of helicopters, took place at the premises of Poços Artesianos Falls. Rodrigo was one of the partners of Cataratas and also one of the owners of Icaraí Turismo Táxi Aéreo.

Until September, Icaraí had received 19.5 million reais from the Bolsonaro government. Cataratas received R $ 8.6 million up to 75, before the current administration.

The MPF recalled, in detail, the reasons why the TRF-1 judge did not grant the safe conduct and release of the goods required by the defense of the respondent. The part of the regional prosecutor of the Republic of the 1st region was completed on December 1, a day before the decision of Maria do Carmo.

A criminal group acted in the airlifting of supplies needed to extract gold from illegal mines in Roraima and even in the subsequent sale of the ore, according to the MPF. There was some action from oranges.

“The decision which granted the precautionary measures for the search and seizure of documents, the judicial kidnapping of helicopters and financial assets demonstrates, in a sufficiently concrete way, the survival of expressive evidence to support the exceptional measure”, declared the MPF to the TRF-1.

The entrepreneurs and partners investigated carried out “large financial transactions”, stemming from the exploitation of illegal gold in Roraima and money laundering, according to the prosecution.

Lawyer in charge of habeas corpus at the TRF-1, Ana Paula de Souza Cruz specifies, in a note, that the decision of Judge Maria do Carmo “enshrines the true meaning of justice, because the conduct of investigations is carried out in a disproportionate by the authorities. , and sometimes even illegal ”.

The release of 26% of the money seized and the property seized includes planes, according to the lawyer. “However, to date no planes have been released by the trial judge. They are still being seized at the PF.

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