Antivirus Offers: Holiday Bestsellers


We’ve rounded up the best antivirus deals available from the big names, but of course the best deal for you will depend on how many devices you have as subscriptions cover a number – it’s not unlimited.

Fortunately, most of these offers will allow you to cover different numbers of devices at different prices, and you can even sign up for two years for a bigger discount.

However, this is not just the lowest price. Different features are available with different packages, so decide what you want before committing to a deal. Remember, these are subscriptions: you can cancel them after the offer period ends, but they will renew (often at higher prices) if you forget to cancel.

Read our antivirus reviews to find out more.

Modern security software should provide comprehensive protection that keeps your data safe, no matter what device, app, or web browser you use.

From worms and Trojans to ransomware and phishing scams, a top-notch security package can prevent them all. Some can also help protect your identity and passwords. So it’s worth having the best you can get.

Simply put, antivirus software is not optional. The risk of your computer getting infected with something nasty – and stealing your data or holding it as a ransom – is simply too great not to use it.

1. Norton 360 Deluxe – 1 year, 5 devices

From: Norton

Was: £ 84.99 / $ 104.99

Now: £ 34.99 / $ 34.99 (£ 50 / $ 80)

Another of our top antivirus picks, Norton is offering a first 12 month discount that saves you £ 50 / US $ 80.

Keep in mind that after those 12 months the renewal price is £ 84.99 / $ 104.99 per year.

Alternatively, you can purchase a two-year subscription (you’ll find this option on the same page) and get two years for £ 89.99 / $ 89.99 (£ 44.99 / $ 44.99 per year), which seems like a worse deal, but don’t. Remember, you get a discount for both years, not just the first, so it’s cheaper overall.

2. ESET Internet Security – 1 year, 1 device

Now: $ 24.99 (50% reduction)

ESET does not offer discounts all year round. So when you see a sale, it represents real savings.

And this year, its holiday sales are 50% off the regular price (you can choose how many devices to protect and how long to protect them). Once the offer ends, the subscription is renewed and the prices not reduced.

Unfortunately, this offer is only available in the United States.

Get ESET Internet Security

3. McAfee Total Protection 2021 – 2 years, 10 devices

From: McAfee

Was: £ 179.99 / $ 179.99

Now: £ 69.99 / $ 79.99 (£ 110 / $ 100 off)

If you have multiple devices to protect, you’ll like this deal on McAfee Total Protection 2021. This is the latest version, and certainly the best yet.

The subscription can be used on laptops, phones, Macs, and any other supported device, and if you use all 10, you’ll pay just £ 3.49 / $ 3.99 per device for each year of this two-year offer.

Usually the first year price is £ 44.99 / $ 49.99 and there is no option to get that price for two years. If you only have 5 devices to protect, a slightly cheaper deal is also available.

4. BullGuard Premium Protection – 1 year, 10 devices

From: BullGuard

Was: £ 69.99 / $ 99.99

Now: £ 28 / $ 40 (60% reduction)

BullGuard Premium offers protection for up to 10 devices for 1 year.

A 60% discount brings the price down to £ 28 / $ 40. It’s only £ 2.80 / $ 4 per device. Just note that like the other offers here, the discount only applies to the first year of your membership.

Antivirus offers: what to look for

Antivirus software detects, then prevents, disarms, or removes malware and malicious software, often referred to as “viruses.” But as we said, security software is no longer just about fighting viruses. It’s also about personal data security and ransomware protection.

Check that the antivirus software you buy has ransomware protection included, and it’s also worth checking that the ability to detect malware is so new that it hasn’t been scanned by security companies yet. This can be bolstered by some cloud element or artificial intelligence, which can really help ensure that even the most sophisticated attacks don’t get close to your devices.

Security software discounts are usually only for the first year of the subscription, so it’s worth looking for a new deal when those 12 months are up rather than paying full price for the second year. It’s a bit like switching energy providers, although protection and features differ from plan to plan, so price isn’t the only consideration.

Also, keep in mind that going directly to antivirus vendors isn’t the only way to get their software. You can also find great deals like Amazon, Argos, and Currys, and remember you can pay less to protect fewer devices – there’s no point paying for a 10-device plan if you only have only one laptop.

Antivirus offers for students

If you are a student, be sure to check out Tech Advisor’s Student Beans page. There you can get massive discounts from some of our favorite antivirus brands for schools, colleges or universities.

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