ACE arrests PTI’s Haleem Sheikh in land grab case


HYDERABAD: Opposition leader in Sindh Assembly and Pakistan, Tehreek-i-Insaf leader Haleem Adil Sheikh was arrested on Wednesday by officials from the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Jamshoro as part of of a Malir land deal.

Shortly after his arrest, PTI lawyers gathered at the Hyderabad Circuit bench of the Sindh High Court to hear a habeas corpus petition after the courts closed. PTI lawyers led by retired judge Noorul Haq Qureshi wanted to hear the petition on Wednesday evening.

Sheikh had appeared before ACE Jamshoro and was arrested after recording his statement. PTI activists blocked a section of the national highway after his arrest.

He had been summoned by ACE officer Zeeshan Hyder to take his statement at the ACE police station in Kotri in a land deal case involving 63 acres of government land in Thana Bula Khan.

According to PTI activist and lawyer, Bhagwandas, who had applied for provisional bail before his client’s arrest on July 18 in Hyderabad, Sheikh was granted bail before the arrest in Crime No. 2/22 by the special judge. Anti-Corruption (Provincial) and it was set for confirmation on Thursday in Hyderabad. Sheikh joined the investigation today but was arrested in a separate case, he said.

“Details of the new case are not available and we are sitting in the circuit of SHC Hyderabad to file a habeas corpus petition for Sheikh’s production in court,” he said. Bhagwandas said that additional CHS Registrar Sabit Ali Shah has been approached to open CHS Hyderabad circuit bench like Punjab where SC Registrar was opened at night in Lahore.

“We are with retired Justice Noorul Haq Qureshi and we want to hear about our petition today. Sabit Ali Shah told us that a message has been conveyed to the Chief Justice of the High Court of Sindh and we are waiting the answer,” he said.

Today Sheikh was arrested in a transfer case of 70 acres of land in Quaidabad filed by ACE circle officer Abdul Wahab. Some government officials have also been co-accused in this case.

A police contingent from Hyderabad also rushed to arrest Sheikh, who was reportedly taken to Karachi.

Earlier, after recording his statement, Sheikh told reporters that Sharifs want court rulings that suit them and that they have always attacked institutions and the judiciary.

He alleged that he was involved in fake deals at the behest of PPP leaders Asif Ali Zardari, Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari and CM Murad Ali Shah as part of a conspiracy.

He said the Lahore High Court ruled his arrest as illegal otherwise a plot was hatched to kill him through the police at the request of Hamza Shahbaz.

He said a bogus case was filed at ACE Jamshoro. BAP and MQM wanted to form an alliance with PTI but were told “na khappay na khappay”. He said the coalition government could use any tactics, but the people would beat them, he said.

Sheikh moved to Karachi

Sheikh was taken to Karachi and transferred to Aziz Bhatti police station, but they learned he could be transferred to a prison, PTI lawmaker Jamal Siddiqi said.

He added that Mr Sheikh had been arrested in a 30-year-old case.

Posted in Dawn, July 28, 2022


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