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You might have heard – people have wanted this for a while long duration – but by Pantera finally cashing in their boomer gang pension fund and doing reunion shows. Cool. Impressive. Of course, it will be magical. I’m not so much annoyed by this group as by the way people gather around them. So much about them is problematic relics of the past. Phil Anselmo doing a white power salute, then called it off. Dimebag drops the N-word on video. The usual “legacy, not hate” rhetoric about waving the Confederate flag on guitars. People might say that it is not helpful to “nitpick” past mistakes instead of just leaving them there or looking for common ground. I could accept that if people didn’t try to deify this group. Trying to restore Vinnie Paul nasty sex limo. Floating the idea of ​​turning Vinnie’s mansion into a Pantera Museum. Go on a world reunion tour that will likely sell out. Mostly, I’m bored to keep reading about this band on various metal outlets. I guess I’ll take some advice and just walking out.

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