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CreditMock loan costs

CreditMock loan costs

CreditMock Poland is part of the CreditMock Group, existing since 2006, which conducts loan operations in 6 European countries – apart from Poland, these include Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Lithuania. The brand boasts 160,000 customers and 500 thousand loans granted.

Responsible lending


CreditMock’s specialty are loans with a short repayment period made available to persons over 18 years of age. Commitments are made in accordance with the idea of ​​responsible lending. The loan company submits potential clients to a thorough analysis, using the creditworthiness assessment, verifying the borrower in databases containing information on credit servicing and checking the level of income. In addition, the lender offers free advice on both loans and debt service.

Credit Star – First loan up to PLN 1,000

Credit Star - First loan up to PLN 1,000

New CreditMock customers have a chance to receive up to PLN 1,000. They have 5 to 30 days to refund. After selecting the amount and repayment period, complete the loan application and transfer 1 gro to the account of the lender. After a positive decision, the money can appear on our account within 15 minutes – as long as we have an account in the same bank as CreditMock. If you have any doubts about making the final decision, a representative of the company may contact us and ask for additional information.

Up to PLN 3,000 for regular customers

Up to PLN 3,000 for regular customers

People who have paid back at least one loan have the chance to apply for up to PLN 3,000. The repayment period is a maximum of 30 days. With the second and subsequent commitment, the application process is shortened – the application must be submitted after logging in to the customer’s account on the CreditMock website. The final loan amount depends on the individual situation of the borrower.

CreditMock – Credit extension

CreditMock does not charge any penalty interest if you have problems repaying your obligations on time. The loan company offers the possibility of extending the loan by 5-30 days. When choosing this option, we will have to pay the same amount as for the original loan. For example, if you borrowed 1000 zlotys for 15 and you have to pay back 1141, 93 zlotys, the cost of extending the loan will be 141.93 zlotys.

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