A non-bank loan with terms as in a bank -We granted a loan for 48 months.

 A non-bank loan with terms as in a bank!

A non-bank loan with terms as in a bank!

We granted the Basil Ransom Certificate for a loan for 48 months When I was looking for another pearl among financial products, I found an interesting product that combines quick payment of funds (as in a non-bank loan ) and low, comparable to the bank’s APRC. This is a loan for 48 months, which you will find in the Provident offer. You can borrow a maximum of 20,000 z (from APR 9.87%), and you will receive money in up to 15 minutes from the moment of closing the application. Let’s come to the details!

We are currently monitoring the situation on the financial products market so that you can quickly discover those with exceptionally favorable conditions so that you can recommend them. This time, we stretched out the loan for 48 months, which you can use in the Providencie. The high amount available, the long repayment period and the low APY are distinguished. When I compared it with the results of our cash loan partner, it turned out that for the amount of 20 thousand.

Loan for 48 months Provident – what makes her stand out?

Loan for 48 months Provident - what makes her stand out?

Fast loans mostly have a low amount available and a short repayment period. If you need to borrow more or spread your sum for a larger number of installments, your steps will surely go to the bank.

If you want to limit the number of formalities, and the whole process – from submitting an application to transferring money to your account – you want to do it online, the Provident offer will be suitable for you.

Loan for 48 months – why is it worth using

– low APRC comparable to banks – 9.87% – the only cost is a commission for a loan of 9 percent. and an annual interest rate of 5%.

– you can reduce the monthly installments, because payouts will spread even for 4 years – at 20,000. z, the installment will amount to PLN 501,86, (see how installments for the lower loan amounts look in the table below)

– you can borrow more than in most loan companies, because up to 20,000 from

– you submit an application online, and the verification and payment of funds is also done online – you do not have to leave the house


Loan for 48 months Provident – costs

Loan for 48 months Provident - costs

Let’s find out how the Provident loan falls on the background of three offers of popular banks that you will find in our cash loan comparison system:

Comparison of loan installments for 48 months
The amount of the loan Provident Bank A Bank B Bank C
5,000 from 125.47 PLN 125.31 PLN 129.98 PLN 135.52 z�
10,000 from 250.93 z� PLN 260.62 271.04 z� PLN 259.97
20 thousand from 501,86 z� PLN 502.24 532.78 PLN PLN 519.93


Provident’s offer for 48 months is comparable in price, and in many cases more favorable than bank loans in terms of the amount of installments, which does not happen often in the case of loan companies.

So if you are looking for an alternative to a bank loan, I can recommend you a loan for 48 months on good banking terms – the process is faster and fully online. You do not have to go through formalities at the bank’s outlet, but you can do it at home, at work or at the café.

Loan for 48 months – how did you use it?

Loan for 48 months - how did you use it?

5 steps is enough to take a loan on good terms:

  1. Choose the loan amount and payment period.
  2. Fill out the application online (you will be asked to complete your contact and financial details).
  3. Provident as a responsible lender will check your creditworthiness and after a positive decision you will receive a loan offer for acceptance.
  4. Check and accept it, and then verify your details.
  5. Even within 15 minutes of completing the application, you will receive money into your account.

The process is fast and simple. So if you want to receive money without unnecessary formalities, and to borrow it on advantageous banking terms, then test the Self-Service Loan itself. We recommend!

The Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) is 9.87%, the total loan amount (excluding credited costs) PLN 10,000, the total amount to be paid 12044.64 PLN, the fixed interest rate %, total cost of the loan PLN 2044,64 (including: loan commission 900.00 PLN, interest 1144.64 PLN), 48 monthly installments of 250.93. The calculation was made on December 11, 2018 on a representative example.

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